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Cape Girardeau, Mo.

A.C. Brase Arena


The main event was scheduled to be Kory Twist defending the GCW Heavyweight Title against DINGO(w/ Sindy), but Commissioner Keith Smith came out to say that Twist was not at the arena, having been injured in a backstage attack, apparently by the Fourth Reich. DINGO denied that the Reich had anything to do with the attack and demanded to be awarded the belt by forfeit, but Keith said that he and Twist had found someone who would defend the belt on behalf of the champion on this night...and Chaz Wesson made his way to the ring with the GCW Heavyweight Title belt around his waist!

This match was a total hardcore war, as the two battled all over the A.C. Brase Arena. DINGO brought a shopping cart full of weapons into play at one point, but Chaz was dishing out the chops in full force, to the point where DINGO's chest was bleeding! Two tables came into play, with one set up on the turnbuckles and the other set up in the ring...a bloody DINGO went for the kill, but Chaz set him up on the table on the top rope and delivered a modified Pedigree off that table onto the other one in the ring! Chaz wasn't done, as he set DINGO up on the table and launched a splash off the top to put DINGO through it, picking up the three-count and hanging on to the GCW Heavyweight Title on behalf of Kory Twist!





Courtesy of Patrick


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